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26th August 2018

As I was checking out of the hotel the last of the party-goers were heading to bed. This was probably the most dangerous part of the trip for some. There was now a very high likely-hood some would sleep in or miss flights.

The hotel shuttle was soon ready and took the first wave of the intrepid crew back to PHX to start our trip back to OPT (Bucharest) and then on to where ever home was.
Back at the airport, I was interested to see they were using a new generation of x-ray machine to check our hand baggage. We did not have to take anything our, it was scanned in 3 dimensions, and with a scan of our boarding passes, we were on our way to the Admiral’s club lounge in the B gates. As you can imaging at 4 am the lounge was quiet. We were welcomed and had time to enjoy a coffee and juice etc before heading to gate B3.

Flight AA 3196

Our flight arrived at the “Eagle’s Nest” in LAX. This meant a very slow transfer by bus from one set of gates to the next. With 1.5 hours between flights despite the time to get out of the nest, I had time to visit the Flagship Lounge and use the dining facilities to have my breakfast. This was before heading back to gate 48A, yes the same one I had used yesterday, for the next flight to JFK.

Flight AA 002

It was quite a walk from our gate at terminal 8 to the AirTrain to make the transfer to Terminal 7. This gave a good chance to say good-bye to some of the intrepid travellers who I would not see again on the trip, as our itineraries were diverging.

Once I arrived in terminal 7 at JFK, I made my way straight to the Concorde Room, where some fo the group who had flown directly from PHX to JFK were already encamped. It was not long before we had a table for 7 in the dining area. 6 of us were going to be on the same flight back to London, I was the only one in first, but we were all called soon to the gate for boarding.

Flight BA 116

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