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Business Seat 05 A & 05 B

Arriving at the gate after a very quick transfer through the airport we only had to wait 10 minutes till boarding started at Gate E46. Arriving on board the crew were interested in my GoPro which I quickly stuck to the window. It took time to load all the other passengers, but we were soon ready to go. But the time passed as the crew handed out amenity kits and offered a glass of Champagne. There was also time to check the menu for dinner.

We made our way to the end of runway 16 and started the long run to get the A340 in the air, before turning left and and climbing slowly out over St Gallen towards Lake Constance and the Austrian Boarder. Making way further east we turned south east out over Romania and the Black Sea.

Dinner was served at a leisurely pace but was delicious.

MENU here

The film choice was good and I enjoyed Deadpool before going back to look at some James Bond classics. I did notice a few were missing… 😉

Having enjoyed wine and port and cognac, I was soon changed into my pyjamas, and ready to sleep.

The flight was smooth and I awoke an hour before breakfast was severed, which allowed me to change back to normal clothes before there was a queue for the bathroom.

Breakfast like dinner was very good.

We were soon on our approach to runway 19 R and landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. There was a short taxi to our gate D4 and we were quickly allowed to disembark by Door 1.



Flight Video


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