Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

BA 1482 Club Europe Seat 01A

This was it the last flight with my mother and sister, we had managed to go the whole way to Canada and back and share a week together and no fights, no falling out, all harmonious.

So it was time to settle back in my seat for the short hop back to Glasgow and finish one loop of my trip.

Pushback from the gate was on time and we were soon taxing over to runway 27L for our departure. A right-hand turn off the end of the runway and we were on our way north to Scotland.

It was during this flight I became aware of the most bizarre experience of the whole trip, another passenger we hot-seating round the Club Europe cabin. She had been sitting towards the rear of the cabin, she was then trying to sit in my sister’s seat while she was using the loo. Next, she was in seat 01C next to me, fine I thought she is waiting for the loo to become available. But there was something in this behaviour that was strange. I happened to mention what was going on to the senior member of the cabin crew, who then went and investigated and right enough they should not have been in the Club cabin at all.

Chicken and beef salad

Lunch was a light chicken salad, and after it had been served with some nice white wine to wash it down, we were flying around Glasgow to line up on runway 23.

It was all over as we touched down on the tarmac and taxied to our stand.


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