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Business Class Seats 02A & 02C

Boarding was once again a quick affair as we were all sitting in a “holding pen” having already shown our boarding passes. We had got a bit more used to this system and positioned ourselves in pole position… We had also go used to the movements of the staff with heralded that start of boarding.

On board we found a seats quickly and stowed the hand-baggage and again watch the rest of the passengers pass by to a very full economy class. All aboard we pushed back and headed out to runway 25 and left Borneo behind, flying west towards Singapore.

We were offered “Chicken Pancake”, Seafood Pasta, or Salmon, between us we took the Seafood Pasta and the Chicken Pancake, both of with were very tasty.. but the option of 3 hot dishes on a 1h30 is something I am not used to with offerings of BA and the like on the intra-europe flights I normally take. Other comparisons, always being addressed by name, and the seats where were wide comfortable and had a good amount of legroom. However the planes have a fixed configuration with only 16 business class seats.

The flight was quick and smooth and soon we were lining up to land at Singapore on runway 20C and on to Gate F 34 where we quickly allowed to disembark.


Flight Video

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