Our Holidays

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Kuching, the cat city had lots of great things to go and see during our day off… There was the Orchid Garden, the State Legislature, Fort Margherita, the Cat Museum, and the layer cake shop.

So after a leisurely breakfast and some quick organisation to send some clothes to the laundry we set off with our friends in 2 taxis to visit as many sites as we could in the city of Kutching. We started with the Orchid Garden, and then the on to look at the “White Rajah’s” house. Tony and Jim had us on a tight itinerary and we were able to enjoy the brief stops at each point. But it was a fast pace.. the taxi meters were running all the time.. so next to Fort Margherita and the Cat Museum… Yes a cat museum. The city is named Kuching which means cat in the local Malay dialect.. so the city has a museum dedicated to cats.. everything from art to statues to children’s toys to movie posters… etc. it was very eclectic…

The best bit of the day was the stop at the layer cake shop, where we could sample some the cakes before we bought one for afternoon tea… oh how British… but they were good they even had durian flavoured cake!!!

The biggest challenge of the day was to find somewhere to have lunch… a lot of places were shut as it was the Muslim holy month of Ramadan… however we had a rather large lunch in our hotel, in their Chinese restaurant.

The afternoon was taken a lot slower pace, as well as organising our stuff before our move to Singapore the next day

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