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2018 Phoenix Tier point run diary

The trip was from 23rd August 2018 to 28th August 2018

It would only be in 2020 that I would realise this would be my last trip on a Boeing 747, these great planes started my love affair with travel when I loaded them as a 17-year-old at Prestwick International Airport (PIK).

23rd August 2020 Departure Day (GVA -> LHR -> OTP)
24th August 2020 Bucharest to New York (OPT -> LHR -> JFK)
25th August 2020 New York to Phoenix (JFK -> LAX -> PHX)
26th August 2020 Phoenix to London (PHX -> LAX -> JFK -> LHR)
27th August 2020 London to Bucharest (LHR -> OTP)
28th August 2020 Home again (OTP -> LHR -> GVA)


24th August 2018