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BA 884 Club Europe Seat 03A


BA 884 LHR – OTP 1’311miles

This was the first flight I had ever taken in Club Europe which was longer than the hops from Glasgow to London or London to Geneva. It was all a bit new, being given Menu cards as having orders taken. The crew had time to server us, drinks rounds, hot food, etc. It was all new.

The crew were welcoming, and it was obvious that we were all here for a party, the crew were going to ensure we had a good time.

Balik-style smoked salmon with horseradish cream

Herb-grilled chicken supreme with thyme jus,
truffled linguine and root vegetables
Grilled Atlantic cod fillet with olive mash
and ratatouille

Coffee cream caramel with gingerbread crumble
Croxton Manor mature Cheddar cheese
with mango chilli chutney and oatcakes
BA 844 Dinner Menu

The food was good and tasty, but it should perhaps be noted that the description for the grilled chicken is somewhat misleading. There was only one root vegetable, courgettes and tomatoes are not root vegetables!! But perhaps I am being too pedantic too.

The wine and Champagne flowed for nearly the whole flight. We managed to finish all the Champagne which was allocated to our outbound flight, so we had to stop or we would have nothing for the flight back tomorrow morning.

Landing at OTP we were met by a bus and taken passport control.

23rd August 2018


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