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BA 731 Club Europe Seat 01F

BA 731 GVA – LHR 470miles

Comfortably installed in seat 01F it was not long before everybody was on board and we were making our way to the departure runway at GVA.

As soon as the crew were released from their seats that started the service, coming round offering either afternoon tea, or a ploughman’s lunch. I decided to go for the later, as this was going to be a long day, and I would need something in my stomach to soak up the alcohol. I did have a gin and tonic to go with it, but there are somethings I can not resits.

The flight was smooth and it was not long before we had passed to the east of Paris, over the Channel, and were on our way down the very long approach path over London to arrive at Heathrow.

23rd August 2018


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