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BA 1477 Club Europe Seat 01A
BA 1479 Club Traveller Seat 09E
BA 1479 Club Europe Seat 05A

After all the shenanigans of the morning, I was very happy to be sitting in my seat, actually any seat. It was all very standard for a flight from Glasgow to London, we pushed back and taxied to the end of runway 23 and we were soon in the air heading southwest, we turned quickly onto the southerly (even south easterly) track down towards the Anglo-Scottish border. Sitting on the right-hand side of the plane I managed to get a quick photo of the village where I grew up in Ayrshire, just before breakfast was served.

Rural Ayrshire

Breakfast was a mushroom tart with a poached egg on the top, it was not the full cooked breakfast I had been hoping for, but it was very tasty.


The routing was very standard down over the Southern Uplands, and the Solway Firth, the Lake District, Morcombe Bay, making small left-hand turns over Stoke – on – Trent and Silverstone we entered the Bovington stack for a quick loop around the block before being allowed to continue on our way over the Eastend, and then the City and then the Westend of London.

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The approach was onto runway 27 R and then a short taxi to gate A2 at Terminal 5.

Diary 22th August 2019


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