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21st August 2019

Arriving at Heathrow from Montreal we had to make our way from the B gates to the A gates.


As we had time I took my mother via the First Wing to avoid the mess of the flight connections centre. My sister went the normal flight connections route, as I could only take one of them through the First Wing.

When we were all through my sister went to the Business Lounge until a friend from Flyertalk arrived to guest her into the First Lounge to join mum and myself.

We had a relaxed wait for our flight up to Glasgow. When it was called we had to walk the length of terminal 5 as we were leaving from Gate 2.

A short wait at the gate and we were soon boarding our last flight together.

BA 1482 LHR – GLA

After we landed and were soon walking up the domestic pier at Glasgow International Airport, and then down the stairs to the baggage hall.
Soon all our bags and bike appeared and we were free to say our good-byes. Mum and my sister were heading to my mothers, but as I was flying back to Geneva the next day I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn at the airport for the night.

Check-in was easy and I was soon relaxing in my room, before going into town for the evening.

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