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BA 732 Club Europe Seat 01F

On the last leg of the trip, it was good to be going home, as I sat in my seat as boarding was completed I reflected on the trip I had been on. Soon enough, boarding was complete and we pushed back from the gate and made our way to the other end of the airfield to take off from runway 27L.

It was the all too standard routing of turning south, out over the channel near Hove, and then down over Etretat in France, then over Paris, Auxerre, and a left-hand turn near Dijon to bring us over to Lons le Saunier where we turn to the right and then we circled round to line up on runway 04.

A lovely smooth flight to end the holiday. With great service throughout. A simple chicken salad had been served and the theoretical seating of BA had kept the seat next to me free.

Lunch Chicken Salad

A quick taxi to gate B32 had us on the stand and soon disembarking.

Diary 22nd August 2019

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