Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

Business Class Seats 01A & 01C

At Gate E50 there was a quick announcement and everyone moved to the door and the jet bridge onto our awaiting plane. You had to be quick, this lot were well practiced. but one aboard we found our places stowed the hand baggage and sat back in the seats as the rest of the passengers boarded, this was a full flight.

We pushed back on time and made our way to the end of runway 20C for turn to take off and rise into the skies over Singapore. The flight time was announced at 1h30 so there was no wasting time and the cabin crew swung into action with a full 3 course meal being offered and a choice of 3 hot dishes… Unfortunately there was only one lamb dish left when the crew got to us, so I took my second choice of the sweet and sour chicken, which was very good.

Being a short flight there was no alcohol offered but the service was friendly and the flight smooth. Soon we were starting our descent, with great views of the island of Borneo. The landing on runway 25 was smooth and we were quickly at gate 7 and ready to disembark.


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