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Arriving on time we soon left the plane and were on our way to the East Transfer area to go through Thai security and head to the Lounge of Singapore Airlines. Because the trip had been booked over two different tickets with multiple airlines I had allowed us a very generous 6 hour transfer in Bangkok, but the problems in Geneva at the start of the trip I was worried this was really not enough time.

We first went and found ourselves a corner in the Singapore Airlines lounge which we could call home for the next 6 hours. After we were comfortable I went to do the document check with the Singapore Airlines desk, then we had time for shopping, and even a shower to freshen up.

While 6 hours sitting in the transfer area of the airport sounded very long when we set out. It really did pass more quickly than I expected.

I did have some time to edit my first videos and upload the first trials to YouTube.

We managed to eat our lunch in the lounge, and even have a nap, before it was time to head to the the Gate (D2) for our flight to Singapore.

SQ 977 BKK – SIN

Arriving in Singapore I saw very quickly why the airport is classed best in the world or very close to it. It was clean, efficient, the staff were polite, the clear signage meant it was easy to navigate. It only took 30 minutes from the doors of the plane opening to have passed immigration, customs and to have walked from terminal 2 to terminal 3 and be checked into our hotel room for the night.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Singapore (Changi) Airport was very comfortable with a great pool, and club lounge.

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