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Business Seats 02 A & C

MI 801 SIN – DRW 2’075 miles

Boarding from the gate was a bit of a scramble, but we had become used to this in the Asian airport. The idea of priority boarding for Business Class while announced was not really policed. This was in part due to the configuration of the gates, with the boarding pass check just after security and then enter into a large holding area.

However once on board, we made ourselves comfortable in seats 2A and C. The flight was full but as the plane filled up we were offered a pre-departure drink and we were given slippers.

We pushed back on time and made our way to runway 20C for our takeoff and we were soon up in the air. The seat was comfortable and we were given tablets that connected to the aircraft’s wifi to watch a very select number of films and TV programmes as well as some music. But the choice was very limited. Instead, I managed to edit together some of my flight videos.

The cabin crew served us an very acceptable breakfast before too long and we sat back and just let the time and flight glide by.

19th June 2016


 Flight Video

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