MI 801 SIN – DRW

Business Seats 02 A & C

Boarding from the gate was a bit of a scramble, but we had become used to this in the Asian airport. The idea of priority boarding for Business Class while announced was not really policed. This was in part due to the configuration of the gates, with the boarding pass check just after security and then entry into a large holding area.

However once onboard we made ourselves comfortable in seats 2A and C. The flight was full but as the plane filled up we were offered a pre-departure drink an we were given slippers.

We pushed back on time and made our way to runway 20C for our takeoff and we were soon up in the air. The seat was comfortable and we were given tablets which connected to the aircraft’s wifi to watch a very select number of films and TV programmes as well as some music. But the choice was very limited. Instead I managed to edit together some of my flight videos.

The cabin crew served us an very acceptable breakfast before too long and we sat back and just let the time and flight glide by.

Not long before landing the crew came round offering drinks and snacks and all too soon we were landing on runway 11 at Darwin International Airport.



 Flight Video

MH 643 KCH – SIN

Business Class Seats 02A & 02C

Boarding was once again a quick affair as we were all sitting in a “holding pen” having already shown our boarding passes. We had got a bit more used to this system and positioned ourselves in pole position… We had also go used to the movements of the staff with heralded that start of boarding.

On board we found a seats quickly and stowed the hand-baggage and again watch the rest of the passengers pass by to a very full economy class. All aboard we pushed back and headed out to runway 25 and left Borneo behind, flying west towards Singapore.

We were offered “Chicken Pancake”, Seafood Pasta, or Salmon, between us we took the Seafood Pasta and the Chicken Pancake, both of with were very tasty.. but the option of 3 hot dishes on a 1h30 is something I am not used to with offerings of BA and the like on the intra-europe flights I normally take. Other comparisons, always being addressed by name, and the seats where were wide comfortable and had a good amount of legroom. However the planes have a fixed configuration with only 16 business class seats.

The flight was quick and smooth and soon we were lining up to land at Singapore on runway 20C and on to Gate F 34 where we quickly allowed to disembark.


Flight Video

MH 642 SIN – KCH

Business Class Seats 01A & 01C

At Gate E50 there was a quick announcement and everyone moved to the door and the jet bridge onto our awaiting plane. You had to be quick, this lot were well practiced. but one aboard we found our places stowed the hand baggage and sat back in the seats as the rest of the passengers boarded, this was a full flight.

We pushed back on time and made our way to the end of runway 20C for turn to take off and rise into the skies over Singapore. The flight time was announced at 1h30 so there was no wasting time and the cabin crew swung into action with a full 3 course meal being offered and a choice of 3 hot dishes… Unfortunately there was only one lamb dish left when the crew got to us, so I took my second choice of the sweet and sour chicken, which was very good.

Being a short flight there was no alcohol offered but the service was friendly and the flight smooth. Soon we were starting our descent, with great views of the island of Borneo. The landing on runway 25 was smooth and we were quickly at gate 7 and ready to disembark.


SQ 977 BKK – SIN

Business Class Seats 14A & 14C

Boarding was quick from gate D2. Having picked my spot near the glass doors which led to the jet-bridge to the aircraft when the time came I was in pole position to head to the plane.

I was amazed at the space as we entered who looked like an aging Boeing 777, the seats reminded me of the business class seats when I first traveled to the USA on BA in 1999. There was nothing wrong with them, and the flight was only scheduled to take 2h25, so I would even say the level of comfort was misplaced. However I was not going to complain.

Menus for the meal were found in the seat pocket and I was impressed to see with had the option of 3 hot dishes. Being used to an intra-european business class where you are happy to get a light (very light) salad, to be offered a 3 course meal with choice of 3 hot main courses surprised and delighted me.

With the Boeing 777 the ground crew a Suvarnabhumi had connected two bridge to the aircraft so Business class had their own door as did those in economy. There was no crowd running through the cabin hitting you on the back of the head with their backpacks as the turned to chat to their friend who was in the queue in the aisle behind them.

Soon it was time for us to take to the air and so we pushed back and taxied round to the runway 19L and readied ourselves for departure.

The flight was uneventful, our early dinner was served and I opted for the beef which was very good. I also had the chance to have my first Singapore Sling which just hit the mark, but I am not sure I could hit any marks after one let alone a second, which I declined.

The cabin crew were genuinely welcoming and address us both by name throughout. I was sold on the way flights should be and how big the gulf is between the Asia carriers and their European counterparts. There was a short holding delay before we lined up to land on runway 20C at SIN, but we were efficiently at our gate Terminal 2 E12


Flight Video

LX 180 ZRH – BKK

Business Seat 05 A & 05 B

Arriving at the gate after a very quick transfer through the airport we only had to wait 10 minutes till boarding started at Gate E46. Arriving on board the crew were interested in my GoPro which I quickly stuck to the window. It took time to load all the other passengers, but we were soon ready to go. But the time passed as the crew handed out amenity kits and offered a glass of Champagne. There was also time to check the menu for dinner. Continue reading