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20th August 2019

So having breakfasted and packed again we left the luggage and resued our tickets from the previous day to back into Montreal, this time we were heading to the Botanic Gardens, and the Olympic Stadium. The bus was busy, it was obvious this was a workday, so we took the 747 bus just to first stop Lionel Groulx. From here we took the metro to the Botanic Gardens at the metro station Pie IX (Pius IX). It was a very hot day, and after the efforts of the weekend, a gentle stroll was all that could really be managed.

Before too long it was time to think about heading back to the hotel for a shower and get our luggage and head to the airport terminal to check-in. This was here the fun on the trip was about to start.

We arrived just a BA was about to start check-in and we were soon showing into the Business class line with our bags and bikes. The luggage was all checked in, but the bikes had to be taken to outsized baggage where they do not have an x-ray machine big enough to take the bike in its box. So we had to start to unpack the bike again. Then the CATSA said I could not take by CO2 cartridges which I use to inflate my tires, this despite their website saying I could if my airline allowed it, and the website of BA allowing it.

After lots of t0ing and froing, all was finally accepted. This was just an unnecessary hassle.

However, once checked in and bags dispatched, the trip to the lounge was quick.


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