Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

19th August 2019

After a race, there is always a sense of what next, today was no exception. It was over, 30 weeks of training, the anticipation, the travel, the holiday was coming to an end. It was time to put the bikes back in the bags and boxes, prepare to travel again. Tidy the flat and head back to the city from the country. Once it was all loaded into the car it was a quick trip back down the Trans-Canadian Highway to Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport, we were staying at the Sheraton hotel this time, not far from the terminal, but a good deal cheaper. We had arrived a little before our rooms were ready and so had a light lunch while our rooms were readied, then dropped our luggage off before heading downtown to have a look around the downtown and old town districts of the city.

We eventually fell into Modavie for dinner, before walking back up to Rue Réné Lévesque to take the 747 bus back to the airport and our hotel.

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