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BA 885 Club Europe Seat 02A

BA 885 OTP – LHR 1’311miles

It seemed like a rather slow taxi to our take off on runway 08L, but we were soon in the air. The excesses of the night before, what else did I expect from a Flyertalk group, meant that we were a little subdued, on the flight. Well to begin with.

The crew, who some had been served by on their outward trip to OTP, were cheerful and soon passed around with menu cards.

I chose to have the cooked breakfast with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, and scrambled eggs.

Cooked Breakfast BA 885

The food was all very tasty, I sensibly started with tomato juice, and coffee, later in the flight some of us moved on the Champagne.

After the food service was over one of the flyertalkers got on the PA and announced to the whole plane that it was my birthday, to which the whole plane then sang Happy birthday to me, the crew also signed a card and gave it to me.

A 3-hour flight is a long time to keep a group like FT in their seats and before long we were up and about and chatting to each other, and comparing notes, but before much longer we were made to sit down as we were starting to approach LHR from the east.

24th August 2018

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