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25th August 2018

With my flight from JFK to LAX leaving at 8:00 am it was an early start even if I was staying at the Hilton JFK Airport. I skipped breakfast at the hotel, as I could eat in the flagship lounge at JFK terminal 8. I even had access to the Flagship Dining before the flight as I was flying first class on the 3-class transcontinental service.

The shuttle to the airport took quite a while as there were other passengers to drop off at the other terminals, but soon we were in front of terminal 8. I had the possibility to use the Flagship check-in at terminal 8 and was escorted to the front of the security line by one of the agents, and 5 minutes after putting my foot in the terminal I was in the Flagship Lounge. As this was my first time in the lounge one of the agents gave me a full tour of the amenities. I quickly went to grab some breakfast in the dining room. The food was good but the service seemed very laboured and slow.

Poached Eggs, Bacon etc

Poached eggs bacon, etc should not take 30 minutes to prepare.

Having eaten I soon left the dining room and back in the main lounge I met some of the other fools who were making this mad trip over the weekend to PHX.

It was not long before it was time to head over to gate 7 for boarding

Flight AA 001

Off the plane, I waited for some of the others who had made the trip this far to LAX, and we headed over to the Qantas Lounge, which is really in TBIT rather than terminal 4. Everybody had raved about this lounge, and how good it was, but to be honest I was left cold. I have been in dentists’ waiting rooms with more charm. 

I should say that the champagne, Perrier Jouet, was more than acceptable.

With just over an hour between flights, it was not long before those of us on the next flight to PHX left and headed to our gate.

Flight AA 888

Landing at the A gates on PHX we seemed to have a very long walk to get to the shuttle bus pick up point for the Hilton Garden in PHX airport.

Arriving at the hotel, and checking in, feed up was the next order of the day for a couple of hours before any partying started.

Without going into too many details, the party started and went on and on, I decided to head to bed when the last contingent arrived. A was going to have to be up at 03:00 am for the 6:00 am flight back to LAX.

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