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28th August 2018

So this was it the final day, and legs of this mammoth trip. It was again an early start for the airport, the flight was due at 8:30, and we had to get from downtown Bucarest.

Due to Romanian holidays, there were going to be a lot of people a the airport. It was good the Cheny and I had booked an early Uber to take us to the airport. The queue for security was insanely long and made ski lift queues in France look organised. Once through the queues for security and then passport control, we made our way to one of the lounges, and friends from the trip started to arrive.

All too soon we were called for boarding and made our way to the gate.

BA 885 OTP – LHR

Arriving at Heathrow, I made my way through flight connections to the door of the Concorde Room, where one of the team who had just come in from their transatlantic flight, and still had to go to OTP guested me in. I was going the have about 3 hours to wait for my flight to GVA, and it was going to be a comfortable wait in the Concorde Room.

It was not long before those who still had to close the loop and get to OTP and back left, and I was left alone for a few hours. I had some time to reflect on how much fun this had been. Friendship had been made and old friendships strengthed. Before too long it was time to head to the gate for the last flight. Yes, the last flight. This was it, it was all coming to an end, like all the best things in life.

BA 732 LHR – GVA

Once back home in Geneva, it was the brisk walk to passport control then through the baggage hall and out into the arrivals area.
It was then just the train back to Lausanne, and bed as it was a “school night.”


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