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BA 886 Club Europe Seat 05A

BA 886 LHR – OTP 1’311miles

It has been a while since I have sat this far back on a BA short-haul flight, but as I booked relatively late to come on this trip, it was the furthest forward window seat I could get. As we stepped on board the crew were welcoming, but there was the hint that there had been a lot of paddling to get the plane ready. It was later confirmed that the original plane for the trip had developed a technical issue, and a replacement flight had to be found. The number of Gold and Gold Guest List members of the BA Exec Club meant that cancelling the flight was not an option for BA.  If they had come and chatted to use, I think we would have all accepted some sort of deal on the missing Avios and Tier Points, and direct travel back home.

But BA had managed to find a plane for us and we were now on board and ready to go to OTP.

The food offering was the same as I had been offered on the 23rd when I positioned to OTP at the start of the trip, and I took the same choice. I am not a great fan of fish on planes.

The crew worked hard and the atmosphere amongst the runners was that of a ball survivors party. We had made it or nearly. It was all done bar the shouting. Although some would have to make a quick turn-a-round at OTP and flight straight back that evening the Heathrow. I was not among them, I had decided that an evening in Bucharest would be a good idea.

This time when we arrived at OPT we landed and taxied up to a gate at the terminal.

27th August 2018



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