Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

The day as ever with these IPS conferences started early with breakfast and then the bus ride to our first visit of the day, Semmengoh Wildlife Sanctuary. Which has well as having a great collection of palm trees also had a number or resident orangutans. They were fantastic to see, but as will all these things it is the luck of the draw as to which animals decide to put in appearance each day.

The next stop was the Kubah National Park, which as well as being a great place to walk and see plants in their natural habitat, it was also historically important form a botanical point of view. It was here that Odoardo Beccari had done a lot of work during his 13 year in the area.

We were very fortunate to be given a guided tour of the forest by modern day plant experts which great added to what could have been just another hard trek through the jungle.

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