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A 30 minute bus ride through the rush-hour of Kuching took us to the boat jetty for our trip to Bako National Park. We were soon loaded into boats and on our way to the park proper. The boat trip down the river to the sea and then round a couple of headlands to the park only took 30 minutes, and the scenery once we had left the river, and reached the sea was beautiful.

Arriving at the dock in Bako National Park we were quickly welcomed by the local troop of macaques who were looking for us to share our picnics. Soon we had everyone sorted into groups depending on the length of walk they wanted to do, and we walking. We had decided we wanted to do the long 6km walk which took in most the open parts of the park.

As we started to climb the escarpment from the beach we were soon meet by another resident a proboscis monkey. So having stopped to take pictures we continued the climb looking at the plants and the wildlife as we went. The real highlight was to be seeing a palm which has the rather grand name of Johannesteijsmannia Altifrons which were growing on the top of the escarpment. There was also the chance to see lots of pitcher plants (Nepenthes).

About 3/4 of the way round the circular walk we found a sunny spot for our lunch.

Having finished the walk we headed back to the beach for our boats back to the bus and back to our hotel for some downtime in the pool.

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