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13th August 2019
Departure Day 2.

I was up early as usual and even a bit more so as I wanted to make sure my bike was on the plane to arrive in Glasgow.
The BA website was still telling me that it would be on the flight so I had to control my impatients and wait, I decided to wait till the flight had landed and then give it another 30 mins before heading to the terminal. So to fill the time I contented myself with the Holiday Inn breakfast buffet.
It was time to go and see if the information on the BA website was correct…
I called the Menzies agent who allowed me into the baggage hall and my bike was there. A quick move arround of the other baggage round about it and I had my bike back and was a happy guy again.
I headed back the hotel room with my bike and sorted my stuff out. During this I had the confirmation that mum and sister were on their way to the airport. Heading downstairs with the baggage I managed to checkout and head accoss to the terminal and wait the other two wandering minstrals for this trip.
Passports and baggage in tow we headed to check in and send my bike on its way back to LHR, and on to YUL.

With the baggage dispatched there was not alot to do other than pass security and head to the lounge.

Having already had breakfast and being too early really for a champagne I was contented to drink tomato juice and coffee. It can be really surprising what you find in the BA lounge sometimes. Where we were sat, I don’t know what had happened previously that day, but there was some pieces of person attire lying just under the seat infront of me!!

The lounge staff took care of the articles but we did wonder what had been going on!!!
Soon it was time to head to the gate and this morning we were flying from gate 21.

BA 1483 GLA – LHR

Arriving into the terminal we quickly scanned our onward boarding passes and headed up the escalator to the terminal.
We decided we did not want to take and duty free products with us so I thought it was a better plan to head over to the B Gate lounge which is normally less crowded that those in the A gates and wait for our flight to YUL
Once at the the lounge we had time for a glass of champagne and some food before it was time to head to the gate.
This time it was gate C53 so we took to the undground walkways again had made our way to the waiting area.


Arriving in Montreal we did not have too far to walk from the plane to the immigration hall. We quickly used the electronic kiosks to make our immigration applications and were soon accepted by the Canadian Immigration staff and allowed to make our way downstairs to pick up our Baggage.
What a zoon YUL baggage was aweful. I was dreading the immigration having seen videos of the hall bing swamped by this was not the case. We were told via the signs that our baggage would be coming in on one carrousel, but it did not arrive and did not arrive. I look at the outsized baggage and I could look out the window and see that our baggage was being put on belts but it was not arriving so I looked arround and out the corner of my eye I spotted BA priority tags on the next belt over. I wend over to look and soon found all our baggage. I was the first from the flight the click to the trick. I quickly got the baggage together and went back to outsized baggage and saw our bikes were arriving.
With the bikes recovered I tipped off a couple of the passengers who had been seated near us on the flight as to the location of our baggage and left the hall and headed to the terminal hotel.

Checked in it was time for bed.

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