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Club Europe Seat 01A

So we were installed in our seats with me in 01A and mum and sister behind in 02A and 02C. It was not long will were taxiing to the end of runway 23 at GLA for our departure to London. I did notice that we quickly turned left on to the southerly path towards London and heath row just after takeoff. The Crew were quickly into their stride serving us our lunch which was the normal Clube Europe salad. I also had a glass of Champagne just for good measure.
The routing was very standard, but I did notice for the entire flight that we seemed to be a bit further east than usual, but it was no problem. Soon we were crossing the Solway Firth and back into England, crossing the Lake District, Morcombe Bay, and passing between Liverpool and Manchester. Then over Coventry and down to Milton Keynes. Just as it felt we were going to go into the Bovingdon stack whe turn left and started the circuitous routing that lings you up with Runway 27 L at LHR.

All in all a very quick comfortable flight to LHR.

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