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Club Europe Seat 01A

Installed in my seat it soon became clear that we too were not going to leave on time today. Eventually, we were allowed to push back and start our engines and head to the end of Runway 27 L for our takeoff. Today was going to be my day for retro liveries as I spotted this on the way to the end of the runway.

BA Historic Livery



I did reflect a bit on the interest a number of people had on my previous flight as a number of thought that the retro-liveries were actual retro aircraft…
Once in the air, we turned quickly to the north.
I chose the cured ham and mozzarella cheese salad as my dinner, along with my habitual G&T.

The food was good and tasty and the crew were very efficient on this busy flight.
In under an hour we were circling Glasgow. As we did I managed to snap this photo.

Showing the Clyde and the city. The airport is just visible in the background.
Landing it is never a long taxi at GLA to your gate.

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