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Club Europe Seat 01A

Boarding from gate B32 was quick and were looking good for an ontime departure, but once we were all on board we got the news that we would be staying in Geneva for a bit before we could leave for London.

I was comfortably installed in seat 01A and there was not a lot we could do… We were told that were was a passenger on board with a nut allergy and that we were requested to refrain from eating nuts.

With a 30 minute delay the engines were started and we headed to the end of runway 22 at GVA and then headed for the sky. Making a right turn as we climbed out the GVA we set course for London, and the afternoon tea service started. I opted for the selection of sandwiches and in view of the previous announcement I was a little bit surprised to see a walnut sitting very promenently on top of one of my sandwiches.

The passenger seated behind me queried these two truths and we were told the passenger was nowhere near us. A glass of champagne, and this time it was champagne, and a cup of Earl Grey tea and my afternoon tea was complete.
We were routed as normal to the east of Paris and over the English Channel before entering the Biggin Hill stack. One loop of the stack and we manoevered over to the final approach to Runway 27R and then to arrive at Gate B38.


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