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12th August 2019

So it was here time to go the airport again from another adventure. This time to Canada.
During the week I a had arrived at the office with my bike and my race kit and my clothes for my holiday.
There was my bike case and a very large clothes back in the office, along with my roll-aboard
With my flight due to leave at 13:25 and with the extra luggage, I decided to leave the office at 12:00 to get the train to Geneva Airport.
The train was as usual quiet and efficient and 45 minutes after leaving Lausanne I was in Geneva airport.
Checkin was efficient and the bike and other baggage was dispatched to Glasgow, and I headed through the security lines and off the the Danata Lounge the GVA, as the British Airways lounge is being updated.

A glass of champagne well, it was actually prosseco, and I was on holiday.
As I was in the lounge I became aware of an issue as the previous plane seemed to be waiting a long time to leave…
But soon I was tracking our plane from Heathrow as it headed over to pick me up.
Boarding was via gate B32 and so once the inbound had landed I made my way downstairs and down into the tunnel and out to the B satalite gates. There was a short queue at passport as I left the Schengen zone of the airport. I had a pleasant surprise when I saw the plane waiting at the gate…

I was going the be flying in one the BA150 retro liveries.

BA 731 GVA – LHR

Arriving at London at Gate B38 I decided not to bother with the transit and use the walkway to the A gates and passport control.

I arrived at the A gates ahead of the next transit decided to follow the arrivals route, passing via the passport control, the baggage hall and customs before passing back through the First Wing to arrive in the BA Gallaries First Lounge at the south side of Terminal 5.

Despite the delay in leaving GVA and arriving at LHR I still had over an hour to wait in the lounge at Heathrow. As I was going to be back here in less that 24 hours I decided that I did not need to to any shopping on this passage.

Most domestic flights leave from the gate as the north end of terminal 5 but luck was shining on me today and my flight was leaving from gate 22, as soon as it was announced I went down stairs and waited by the entrance to the Group 1 boarding lane.

BA 1492 LHR – GVA

Arriving at Gate 21 it was the normal walk the length of the domestic pier as GLA to get to domestic baggage.
I waited for my bag and my bike but only the bag arrived. This was worrying at the next morning I was due to flight to Montreal and I needed by bike. I was sort of sure it would work out but in the back of my mind I had a nagging doubt.
The Menzies staff at GLA were reassuring and once made the declaration I headed accross the old terminal forecourt and arrived at the Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport.
I had eaten on the planes and in the lounge so decided I did not nead another meal but instead had a free drink thanks to be Intercontinental status.
When I was in my room I decided to log into the BA baggage tracing service and check what information there was about my baggage. This gave me the opportunity to update and enhance some of the bare bones which had been introduced in the airport. I did find a helpful button which gave me the information that my bike would be on the first flight in the morning. As this was going the be well before I had to check in I was pleased to see this info.
So a quick call home to check everything was ok to meet mum and sister the next day and I headed to be bed.

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