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Club Seat 02F

The early flight to Geneva nearly always leaves from the “B” Gates and this morning was no exception. Boarding always starts early for this morning flight, they obviously want to get the day off to a good start and today was very efficient as normal.

Once onboard despite the obvious jet lag we were comfortable and left with a small 10-minute delay. As this one of the first flights out of Heathrow, there is very little waiting about for a place on the runway, and we were soon bowling down runway 27R and up into the sky.

The crew we very efficient and we were served the standard BA “full English” with choice of drinks, tea and coffee.

img_1215I often think that breakfast is the best meal on BA short-haul.

Soon we were starting to descend into Geneva with a very short approach over the lake, and landing on what was runway 23 and is now numbered 22. The a very short taxi to stand B32, arriving some 19 minutes early.

The usual jetty was fixed onto the front left door and we were off… and for me back to the office after a week away in the far east.

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