Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

It was time to head to the railway station and on to the airport. The slight difference this time we were travelling with friends who would be taking their first trip long haul on British Airways. Normally we would take that fast train to the airport, which stops only in Geneva and then Geneva Airport station, however, this time we would take the more local train, so our friends could join us on the train to the airport.

All worked well with buses and trains and we met up on the train as planned. and were soon at Geneva Airport in front of the British Airways check-in desk, checking in a piece of baggage each, and printed versions of our boarding passes.

It was a short walk to the escalators and then on to the priority security lane. Once through it was off to the BA lounge with one of our member making a stop in the Duty Free shop on the way. By the time we were all together again, we had a glass of champagne each and something to nibble on courtesy of BA.

A happy hour was spent in the lounge before it was time to head down to gate B32 for boarding.
A small queue had formed for the priority boarding to the right-hand side of the boarding gate, and 5 minutes after we arrived we were on board for our flight to London Heathrow.

BA 721 GVA – LHR

After deplaning we had a very short walk from the gate to Flight Connections at Heathrow Terminal 5. With passes scanned, we were equally quickly passed through security. As we were flying to Hong Kong on an A380 we knew in all likelihood this would leave from the C-Gates, so rather than using the Galleries Club lounges at the A-Gate we headed to the half-way house at the B-Gates and easily found seats for ourselves. The staff quickly served us with glasses of Champagne, and those that wanted could have a shower with no queues.
It was soon time to head on over to the C-Gates for boarding from Gate C63.



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