Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005


Landing at Hong Kong airport we were quickly parked at gate E15 which was very close to immigration. It was a short walk with our temperatures being taken as we approached the entrance to the immigration queue. The queue seemed long but we were processes efficiently and were soon in the baggage hall. One member of the team managed to get separated from the rest of the group and found themselves next to baggage carousel 12 instead of carousel 3… but the mistake was eventually realised and we had all our baggage.

A quick walk through Customs and we had arrived in Hong Kong. Some of the group had some errands to do, get cash from an ATM, have a cigarette, while one stayed with the baggage, and I went to get the tickets for the Airport Express Train.
The Tickets allowed us a return trip on the train, 3 days travel on the subway and light railway, and also served as an Octopus Card, allowing us to use the Star Ferry and trams etc.
The train from the Airport to Kowloon station was busy but efficient, arriving on the arrivals level and allowing us to board with our baggage and then 20 minutes later we were at Kowloon station. Another advantage of using the Airport Express train is the free shuttle buses from Kowloon and Hong Kong stations to the major hotels.

The downside of this was we were not in Hong Kong rush hour traffic… The bus made slow progress, and we were the last hotel on the loop. If we had realised sooner we would have been quicker getting off at one of the other hotels and crossing the street to our hotel. But you live and learn.

Check in at the Shangri La Kowloon was efficient as you would expect for a luxury hotel, and we were soon on our way to our rooms, with a harbour view.
After checking out our rooms we decided it was time to go for a walk and try to find a restaurant for some dinner before bed.


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