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Club Europe Seats 01A & 01C

A change around of gates at Geneva and BA seems to have lost their eternal home at Gate B32, today’s flight was destined to leave from Gate B33 instead. We had arrived from the lounge just as the last of the passengers from the inbound flight were coming off the plane, and were at the front of the queue for Priority Boarding.

The boarding was finished quickly and we were heading off on the first leg of this journey.

It was a very standard routing, with us taxing to the end of runway 23 for a south-westerly departure before climbing up over the end of the Jura mountains and banking to the right and then straight up to the east of Paris, and on to the Biggin Hill stack before making our way into 27L as our arrival runway.

The crew were friendly on the flight and took good care of us, offering a chicken salad as a light refreshment during the flight


Arriving a little behind schedule, but as all we had to do with collect all the baggage and get to the Sofitel it was not an issue.

Departure Day


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