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Coach Seat 05A

Boarding this morning was from Gate 57 at the Inter-Island Terminal at Honolulu International Airport. With just a backpack for the day to go the the Big Island of Hawaii, there was not too much panic to get on board early. But I was still nice to get on board relatively quickly and get settled in for the very short hop over the Kona International Airport.

The flight was full, but it was not long till we were all on board and ready to leave on what is really a glorified bus service from one island to another.

The plane was clean, and we pushed back on time ready for our long taxi out to runway 08R.

It was a very quick departure roll and we were up in the air, as we climbed out along Waikiki beach before turning south-east and heading down to Kona airport.

Having been wet in Honolulu in the morning and with quite a bit of residual cloud the views were not great. However in the breaks we did see Maui before we started our descent to Kona.

The onboard service was simple drinks service of water or juice. I took the juice.


HA Juice

We were soon on the ground again landing or runway 17 before a long taxi back to gate 9 where we were soon released on to the island.

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