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So it was finally here, Departure Day. I woke up still thinking about all the emotion I had felt when I received the email form Ironman saying I had a place for the 2017 Ironman World Championships.

Just over 9 months later it has actually arrived. I was actually going to go and do this. There were just 3 flights between me and my dream race.

But before leaving for the airport I had to get to the office and work for the morning. The flight was planned for 17:25, so I went in at my normal time and really just tidied stuff off before I left for 2 weeks. The amount of baggage for the trip as the bigger issue, a bike, clothes for 2 week holiday, my race kit, and all the cameras etc.


It had taken careful planning the bring it all the the office. The bike on Wednesday as I was going to be swimming on Thursday, the rest on Friday.

Once the hour of my departure arrived one of my colleagues helped me to the station and then it was onto the train to the airport.

One of the joys of living in Switzerland is the trains. and 45 mins after leaving Lausanne we were in the Airport at Geneva, and 5 minutes after that the bags were dispatched to London.

Security was quick and soon we were installed in the BA lounge.

Flight BA 733

Arriving at Heathrow, we were quickly through passport control and the baggage arrived soon on the belt. With all the bags stacked on a luggage trolley we made our way to the Sofitel, and were soon in our room.

My sister who was coming on the trip with us, came round from her hotel and picked us up and we went for pizza in La Bettola, in Colnbrook.

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