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First Seat 01A

It was getting late but were were boarding on time, and honestly were both glad of that. However the facilities on this A321 were a little limited. No entertainment screens, no sockets to charge devices while you watched the WIFI streamed entertainment.. to be honest I was disappointed.

However the cabin crew were excellent offering what ever was my pleasure from the bar as the other passengers boarding. A Bloody Mary was ordered and duly delivered, all be it in a plastic glass.

Boarding was quick and soon we were on our way taxing out to runway 27L for departure and then it was up and off into the night.

It was another pre-ordered meal, this time a grilled chicken breast on green beans, with a salmon starter with blinis and some salad. I stuck to the white wine on this flight which was very acceptable savignon blanc.

Afterwards there was the American Airlines ice cream sundae for dessert, as I am not fan of lots of sweet stuff, the simple ice cream was enough for me.

There was a second very light service before we landed into LAX. The flight was smooth and the crew were more than willing to fill up glasses the whole way to LAX.

Landing was on time on runway but a long trek back to the terminal

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