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Club World Seat 10 B

Departing from the B Gates, boarding was swift and efficient, especially as we both had access to Fast Track boarding. It was not difficult to find our seats as we were in 10 A & B, the first two seats as you enter the Club World cabin.

We were greeted enthusiastically by the Cabin Services Manager who was young, professional, and engaging. There was just the right rapport, and this made the overall flight a real delight.

It was not long before we were all aboard, and Andrew and I were surprised how many of us in the Club World cabin had transferred from earlier Dublin flight.

We had a long taxi to the departure runway, 27L, but there was no waiting once we got there and we were on our way, out to the west. Once in the air very alert crew were up and offering menus, and amenity kits, as well as drinks and taking lunch orders.

I had decided to pre-order the main course for lunch and this was confirmed when the orders were taken.

<Full Menu>

For the starter I opted for the Salmon Tartare which was excellent along with a glass of the Poully Fumé, then the Chicken main course which was also very good. With a red wine

I don’t have a very sweet tooth and so opted for the cheese with a glass of port.

It was then time to slumber in that post meal state watching a video to while away the time.

During the flight there was a fair bit of milling about, and a number of us who had been on flights together earlier in the day got talking, and sharing flying experiences.

90 minutes before landing in Philadelphia, the crew served afternoon tea with a nice array of sandwiches, scones and some chocolate cake.

It was not too long before we started our descent and to weave our way into PHL airport for a very smooth and on time arrival on Runway 27 R. It was then a short taxi to the terminal and our gate at concourse A- West.


Flight Video

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