Our Holidays

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Domestic Seat 1A

Boarding the plane we could feel the effects of Connor, while we were not in the worst of it. The plane was jumping about. Being boxing day the plane was not as busy as it had been on the way up from London a few days earlier, but there was not a lot of extra space.

Once we were all on board, welcomed us on board, and set about reassuring us that the wind in Glasgow was not as strong as in the far north west, and was well within the capabilities of our A321.

With that said, I was expecting quite a bouncy departure from Glasgow on Runway 23, but there was none of that. It was all very calm and very routine as we climbed out following the Garnock valley before turning south over Irvine and then down over the Solway Firth the Lake District and lining up for an on time arrival into LHR.

There was the usual drinks round to keep us happy… and then it was arrival at the domestic gates at LHR Terminal 5.

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