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Domestic Seat 1F

Boarding the plane I went straight to seat 1A and was surprised to see someone in my seat. Then I realised that it was not my seat, or not on this flight… I was in seat 1F… oh dear.

The shuttle to Glasgow is always heaving and this was no exception lots of people with lots of extra shopping bags. However we all found our seats and all found places to put the shopping and off we went. Down to end of the runway and it was up and away from LHR en route for Glasgow. Quickly turning north, the cloud meant that I could not really navigate too well, either that or it was the champagne I had been drinking in the lounge.

The service on the UK domestic route is minimal, with just a round of drinks being offered. Still time for a G&T before we started dropping as we crossed the border.

Arriving as always from the north of the city the plane turned onto its final approach flying over Bearsden and Clydebank before setting down on Runway 23.

It was a short taxi to the gate and then the walk to baggage.

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