Our Holidays

Traveling the world since 2005

Club Europe Seat 1A

The adventure was about to start as I was heading home for Christmas. Boarding was from the usual B32 at GVA and it was a well-rehearsed and scripted Business Class, Gold Card holder… etc to the right and all the rest to the left. I did not hang around to find out how it all panned out. Armed with my Boarding pass for seat 1A and I was on board quicker than a rat up a drain pipe. I like to get on the plane, settled and my baggage stowed nearby.

The boarding process at GVA never takes too long, as most of the passengers are very seasoned travelers, also early evening flights have lots of people who just want to get home after a long day out.

Leaving on time and taxing to the runway the safety film was run and we were soon up and away into the sunset.

The routing was all very standard up over France to the east of Paris before dropping down over the channel to the Biggin Hill stack and then routing into land on the westerly runway at London.

The service on board was easy, with the crew chatting happily about my upcoming trip. The food was the standard light salad with some non-descript sweet gloop for a dessert.

Arriving on time it was a quick walk to flight connections and then through passport control and on to security

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