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I have started to wonder what it is about BA 730 that I seem to always be on this flight at the end of a transatlantic trip. Here I was again waiting at the gate for this flight. The times were going all over the place, we were meant to leave at 11:40 but when the gate was opened at 12:00 and I made my way down the cabin crew were all there, but they said the flight crew were on their way from Dusseldorf. This was going to be yet another long wait… having been sat on a plane from America and then in the lounge at the terminal the last think I needed was the sit for longer.

Once boarding was announced I was soon on board and was at the stage of not knowing what  I really wanted… my bed, no eat, no drink, no bed…

The flight was the normal routing from runway 09R right turn down to Brighton, across to Étretat, Paris, Auxerre, turning left just after Dijon and then round the Jura Mountains to land on runway 05

The service was good and efficient with the usual “Brunch” plate of cold meats and mozzarella being served.

Arrival at Geneva was quick and efficient with my bag 2nd of the belt.


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