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Club Europe Seat 1A

Gate 23 looked really calm as we arrived, the senior member of BA staff as we arrived started looking for people who had hand baggage they were willing to place in the hold. They were offered Priority Boarding as a sweetener. However when boarding started properly the 20 or so people who had taken the bait were so busy looking at each other and blocking the escalator that I walked down the steps passed them all and was seated on board before any of them arrived.

The arrival/take off runways had switched and so we had a the long taxi from stand A23 to RWY 27 R, but as it was boxing day there was little traffic.
Leaving we turned right flying up the M1 before routing over the Wirral and Irish Sea to Land on Runway 28 at Dublin Airport.
The service on board was OK, we were served, we were looked after, but it was a bit minimalist. There were no extras. no chit chat. No Spontaneous offers of top ups.
After the long taxi back to the terminal we disembarked at gate 204 and walked to immigration and then on to the baggage carousel before heading out the terminal to our waiting shuttle bus to the Hilton.
The flight was OK, but that was about it.. it was OK it did not sparkle.

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