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24th October 2016

Waking up early I languished in bed a long as I dared, but now I need to get up and showered and ready to head to America. So once repacked I needed to go to reception and check-out and head to the airport, so it was back to Victoria Dock DLR and then Canning Town, a couple of minutes wait and then the Woolwich service to London City Airport.

On the Friday there had been a lot of problems at London City with a full evacuation of the terminal as a CS gas canister had been let off in the check-in area. This was all clear as on Sunday I had arrived with no problems but the airport was very busy and the queues were everywhere. The queue for security had come down the stairs and was zig-zagged across the check in area and out the door into the corridor to the DLR.

As I had to check in my baggage I walked into the terminal and found the right queue for check-in except there was nobody there. I was assured the check-in agent would be back soon… so I waited patiently. Soon the lady was back and all apologetic that I had been kept waiting. Bags tagged again I was directed to the lift and told to say to the lift attendant that I was going to New York… it worked I was whisked upstairs and into a queue to for security. They had fewer machines working than normal but I was soon through and into the departure lounge, which was a zoo. There was not a seat to be had and even walking to get to where I needed to be was tricky. I was going to try and get some bits and pieces in the shops but decided it was all too much hassle and went straight to the gate/lounge which is reserved for the JFK flights from London City, at gate 24.

Getting to the gate there were a number of people already there, enjoying the hospitality of BA. The agent there checked my boarding pass and gave me the required US Customs Form to fill in as well as welcoming me. At the far end of the lounge there was as large breakfast buffet laid out with fruit juices, water, cereals, smoked salmon, champagne, breads and croissants, tea coffee and more… I decided to fill in my customs form first and then attacked breakfast, as I had had nothing at the hotel before I left.

At 09:30 we were told that our plane was ready for boarding and were invited to board. So walking across the breezy apron area I was greeted aboard by Olivier as I made my way to my seat.

BA 001 LCY – JFK

Arriving at New York was a breeze walking into the departure lounge rather than the arrival hall, when walk across the terminal and down a couple of escalators we arrived at the baggage carousel. Soon it came to life and our bags were delivered. The airtrain to Jamaica station and then the subway… why can they not provide sales points for this stuff in the airtrain stations at the terminals so when you get on the the transport you don’t have to stop and get tickets on the journey.

The E line train was going very slowly, but soon I was at my hotel in Times Square and ready to relax.

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