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Club Europe Seat 2D

Boarding was by bus from the terminal and managing get myself positioned in poll position I was quickly onto the plane and with my bags quickly stowed as in my seat ready to go. The plane had a different seat configuration from the one which had been published as there were no seats 01A and 01B and the extended leg space I should have had had disappeared with the addition of seats 01C and 01D.

However comfortably in the plane we taxied to the end of the runway for our take off. We were not waiting about and soon were were climbing high out over the Jura mountains as we headed to London.

I am very used to the Heathrow and Gatwick offerings in Club Europe flights. On these flights you are offered a very light salad and some awful dessert. However on the London City flight was surprised to see we were offered and choice of hot dishes with a salad, and proper dessert. I opted for the Lamb hotpot which was good and filling. Drinks flowed and we made good progress towards London. As we approached London I realised that we were going to do an easterly approach to the the very short runway at London City and we were give a great tour of the city by light as we flew west on the south side of the Thames to then turn sharply round the top of the Shard to line up to runway 09.

Once on the ground we made a 180° turn on the runway to taxi back to the terminal and park up at gate number 6 before being allowed to disembark.


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