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9th October 2016

Marathon Morning… I had found the previous evening all I needed to make myself a simple breakfast in my room… so that I what I did getting up at about 05:00 and taking my time to get my running kit on, have breakfast, pick up my last bits and pieces and head down to meet my clients.

The race was to start at 07:30 so I said I was leaving the hotel at 06:00 to walk to the start… Normally this would only be a 10/15 min walk, but with lots of people about and all excited it takes longer… also with the obligation to use certain entrances to the park and some streets closed etc it takes a little longer.

We set off and by the time we were in the park and found our start corral we were under an hour from the start time.

I had time to sit down and think about the meaning for Life, The Universe, and Marathons before I entered into the start block.

There is great camaraderie between runners as we stand waiting for the start… then the gun goes and we slowly advance to the start line… it takes some time for 25’000 people to start running, but the roads in Chicago are wide and this was not an issue as we crossed the line and started our adventure… first to the north Columbus to Grand to State to Jackson to La Salle and so on… I was running well and was pleased with my body was holding together. I had just finished the Ironman in Mallorca 2 weeks before… I know my body at some point would say enough is enough but I was going to enjoy Chicago… The weather was cool but sunny and the atmosphere was great as I ticked off the miles 3, 4, 5, 6, … 10, 11 the legs were starting to feel this all a bit as we neared The Loop again… Wells Street, Hubbard Street, Orleans Street… my hotel was just a mile away… and my legs were starting to suffer… but the day was great so I kept going… once I passed 13 miles my legs really had had enough… so I start a very long walk for the finish line. And enjoyed the atmosphere, colours and music that is the Chicago Marathon.

The day was wonderful with the sun shinning all the time. It was to be the slowest marathon I had ever done, but I did not care. I was enjoying my time in Chicago.

Finishing in a time 05:36:41 I was happy… and really wanted to go back and do the course justice, when I was not still recovering from my previous race.

Back to the hotel for a shower, relax something to eat and then an evening of celebration with my clients, it was not a bad way to finish the day.

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