Our Holidays

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10th October 2016

With the marathon behind us it was time to get to see some more of Chicago. The travel agency had arranged for us to have a tour of the city. Our tour guide was prompt at the hotel as was the bus and we were off first to see The Loop with its public art, then Barak Obama’s house, then the University of Chicago, before heading to the North Shore and the Gold Coast.

It was great to get an overview of Chicago and some of the history of this city. The end of the tour we were unfortunately caught in the traffic jams due to the Columbus Day Parade.

In the evening I decided to go and visit some bars, but I forgot to put my driving license in my wallet, and was refused service at 48 years old! I laughed at how ridiculous this was but was quite annoyed. Taking a taxi back to the hotel I decided I would just have quiet night in and watch the latest scandal and counter-scandal in the US Presidential campaign.

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