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8th October 2016

It was the day before the Chicago Marathon but there was a lot to do… I had to take those who wanted for run for about 30-45 minutes then organise an information meeting, giving out all the key information then we had to go to the race expo and get our race numbers… it was all go… but in a good way.

Waking early because of the jet-lag I decided I would head out of an early morning run around the block so I would know where to take the clients. It also gave me the oportunity to find some shops and convenience stores so I could give useful information later on… and workout the best way to get to the “L” for our trip to the race expo.

I managed to find myself something for breakfast in the process and then met a small sub-group of my clients in the hotel lobby to take them for run from the Swissotel, where we were staying, alone the Chicago River to Lake Michigan and then on down the the Aquarium. We then back tracked as far as Monroe Street, to Columbus so every one could see the start line and start to orientate themselves for the marathon.

The next point on my agenda was the information meeting which was in a great sunny room near the top of the hotel giving a great views of the city… That done it was time to go the race expo and get our race numbers… We headed across to Randolph and Wabash were we could get the Green Line which would take us down to Cermak-McCormick Place which was near the McCormick Place Exhibition Center… But it was still a long walk to the entrance and then a long walk once we were inside the center.

Race number found, and t-shirts recovered and a few bits and pieces bought it was time to retrace my steps to the hotel and put my feet up for a few hours.

Once I had sorted out all my kit for the next day… I went to show my face in reception in case any of the clients need something and had my dinner at the hotel bar… before heading to bed early for the big day ahead.

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