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7th October 2016

It was here I was going to be off to Chicago for the marathon… My first time in Chicago and leading a group of about 30 people… who I would meet at the Airport…

The first flight was leaving at 13:35 from Geneva with a short 1:40 transfer at London Heathrow Terminal 5 to make our connection to the Chicago Flight…

Having counted back the times
13:35 departure
11:35 2 hours before for clients (as advised by travel agency)
10:35 me make my check-in so ready to welcome clients…
09:42 train from Lausanne
09:00 Leave house.

I was not going to have much of a lie in and actually had to get up at my normal time to get packed… Yes as they say in french “Les cordonniers sont les plus mal chaussés” (translation: The cobblers are always the worst shod)

Packed and ready to leave it was the bus and the metro to Lausanne Station where I got some water and a sandwich… and then onto the 09:42 train to the airport.

The train was not very busy and I found space to store my bags and get out my paperwork and look at some bits and pieces, including an update from the office of a late cancellation.

I was also awear that the inbound flight from London was showing a sliding delay… and with only a 1:40 transfer time at Heathrow I was nervous… So while on the phone I mentionned this… and my colleague said she would monitor it…

Arriving at the airport I quickly got rid of my baggage and was ready to talk to clients as they arrived and help them with the formalities… It did not take long till the first ones arrived and I was off and running… with groups arriving in a semi continuous stream.

All checked in I decided to head to the Lounge for a quick bite to eat and a coffee before heading the plane… I was very happy to use the Priority Lane for security as the lunchtime rush was very much in evidence at Geneva. It was soon time to head to the gate for boarding.

BA 729 GVA – LHR

Arriving in London we had to hurry to get off the plane and through security before heading out to the B gates on the train… arriving just in time for boarding to start…

BA 297 LHR – ORD

Arriving in Chicago we were quickly through Immigration and Customs even if the two girls directing the passengers were not in agreement of which queue we should be in…

It was a quick trip to the hotel and to bed.

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