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Seat Euro Traveller 8F

Boarding started with families with small children and those needing extra time being called first and made to wait at the top of the stairs at gate B32 then Club Europe and BA Executive Club Gold card holders were called. The boarding was smooth and I soon found my seat just behind the curtain between the Club Europe and Euro Traveller cabins… The seat is exactly the same as the one in front of the curtain, just there is someone next to you in the middle seat… or in this case there was not.

Boarding finished we did not waste any time in getting away and of to London. It was the standard routing leaving on Runway 05 then a left turn up over the Jura mountains up to the east of Paris, then over London and round to the west to line up for an on time arrival at Heathrow landing on Runway 09R

The service on board was good with a BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) wrap being served, with our choice of drinks, tea and coffee. With recent comments on the Flyertalk forum I had actually expected less..


Flight Video to come to YouTube

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