BA 730 LHR – GVA

Club Europe Seat 01A

With priority boarding I was one of the first on board with my handbaggage stored I could sit down and relax. I was not long before all the passengers were on board and we were ready to leave…

There was not a lot of waiting arround at the end of the runway before we lined up on 09R for a quick run and up into the air.

The crew quickly came round with the offering of cold cuts and cheese with I seem to always get on this flight.

I was smooth flying, but as I was so tired I decided not to try to flim the trip… instead I slumbered in my seat until the characteristic reduction in engine noice and the left turn which is associated with the start of the approach to Geneva Ariport.

All too soon we were on the ground and another trip was over.


BA 296 ORD – LHR

Club World Seat 62 K

Having gone from the First Lounge to see the other passengers who where traveling back with me I missed the opportunity to board the plane from the Lounge… However I was quickly aboard and found my seat.

The cabin crew were great making sure we were all comfortable and serving us all our choice of Champagne, orange juice or water. Amenity kit were handed out as were menus, which were very slimmed down as were were all supposed to have eaten in the lounge.

It was soon time to go, as we were all on board quickly and the plane was running a bit late on departure… As we had a very tight connection at Heathrow, it was important we make up all of that time on the flight.

Not knowing the layout of ORD and because I was too busy chatting the the cabin crew I am no certain which runway we took off from… oups..

I was not a long taxi and we were soon up and in the air. The crew sprang into action serving drinks and offering the very light meal which had been loaded, which actually was no better than the food in the Lounge!!!

Having had a gin and tonic and a whisky I thought it might be time to get some sleep… and I slept very well.

Awaking 5 hours later I went for a leg stretch and had a quick look at the very poor selection of offerings in the Club Kitchen… it was soon time for breakfast, for which I just had a bowl of yogurt and the panini… There was a lot of room for improvement.

Having made up the time from our earlier delay we were then held up having to stack for 5 minutes before landing on runway 09 L.  It was then a short taxi to the B gates.


BA 297 LHR – ORD

World Traveller Seat 40K

Boarding was started almost as soon as we arrived at the gate, with the pre-boarding of family and those needing more time… Then one of the gate agents came and checked the boarding passes of those using the “Fast Track” lane to board checking for First, Club World and Gold Executive Club card holders. Once on board it was a long walk back to seat 30 F, it is lone time since I have been this far back in a 747 I thought to myself, in fact it was over 12 years since I had sat this far back!!!

Slowly the cabin filled up as people started to take their places it was clear that the plane was going to be very full down the back… Once we were all on board and all the doors shut we made our way out runway 09R. Climbing and turning steeply to the right as took off and then making our way up over Scotland and out over the Atlantic. The crew made a leisurely start to the onboard service offering a drinks round first then the meal. In between the drinks round and the food being served the Cabin Service Manger came and introduced herself and offered me a glass of Champagne, which I gladly accepted.

A quick look through the films and there was actually not a lot of films which I had not already seen of which I really wanted to see… so I settle down and watched again “The Grand Budapest Hotel” followed by “Deadpool”. The meal was good with a choice of Chicken Curry (Pasanda) or Vegetable Lasagne. I opted for the Chicken and was not disappointed. I did after the meal fall asleep in the middle of “Deadpool” so I have still to see it all from beginning to end…

Later on I wandered round the cabin talking to the clients and checking they were all OK and sorting out the logistics of arriving at ORD and collecting everybody before we transferred to our hotel.

After the electoral tour I managed to watch “Eye in the Sky” before we landed arrived at ORD on runway 28C


BA 729 GVA – LHR

Seat Euro Traveller 8F

Boarding started with families with small children and those needing extra time being called first and made to wait at the top of the stairs at gate B32 then Club Europe and BA Executive Club Gold card holders were called. The boarding was smooth and I soon found my seat just behind the curtain between the Club Europe and Euro Traveller cabins… The seat is exactly the same as the one in front of the curtain, just there is someone next to you in the middle seat… or in this case there was not.

Boarding finished we did not waste any time in getting away and of to London. It was the standard routing leaving on Runway 05 then a left turn up over the Jura mountains up to the east of Paris, then over London and round to the west to line up for an on time arrival at Heathrow landing on Runway 09R

The service on board was good with a BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) wrap being served, with our choice of drinks, tea and coffee. With recent comments on the Flyertalk forum I had actually expected less..


Flight Video to come to YouTube