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So our time in Australia was fast running out our flight in the middle of the afternoon was approaching fast.. The trip and been great fun and we had really appreciated our time in the Top End. We were not the only remnants of the post tour to be left at the Travelodge in Darwin, our friends for Queensland, Carole and Mike were still there, they had hired a car were going out looking for plants for their garden. We were invited to join then and while we visited some of the garden centres we had visited the previous day, again we also found some harder to get to ones… I was great fun navigating round the town and surrounding areas to find plants.

It was eventually time to head back to the hotel and pick up our bags, Carole and Mike had very kindly offered to run us to the airport too.

The trip was quick and we were soon saying goodbye to our friends and heading into the terminal to check-in for our flight to Singapore.

Check in was quick and we were issued with vouchers to use in the restaurants in the airport terminal as Silk Air did not have a lounge or access to a partner lounge.

Security was quick and we were soon upstairs in the departure hall, having some time we had a snoop about, to see what this small regional airport had to offer… It was more impressive than I expected with a good choice of gift shops and restaurants. Virgin Australia and Qantas both had lounges too. The domestic part of the airport was very busy.

After a late lunch, thanks to the vouchers from Silk Air, in the restaurant Dome. It was soon time to pass via the secondary security, emigration and customs checks to leave Australia, and head to our gate number 13.

No long after we had passed thought the departure processes our plane arrive and we were boarded.

MI 802 DRW – SIN

Arriving at Singapore we quickly deplaned and followed the long walk via the corridors to the Singaporean immigration channels, where my passport was quickly stamped. We collected our baggage and made our way once again to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

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